This post is being written as part of the Women’s Web – Trishla eMart ‘A Style of My Own!’ campaign. http://www.trishlaemart.com I just happened to open my closet and out came tumbling sheaths, balls and layers of orange. Revelling in this citrus deluge, I am tempted to reveal the style secrets that lie ensconced in my wardrobe.

  • 50 shades of  ORANGE: Yes, I love orange…from peachy orange to flaming saffron, you name the orange and I have it in my wardrobe. I think it looks great against my tanned skin and somehow whenever I go shopping I am drawn to it. There was a time, when i was younger, that it was pink, except for ‘shocking pink’ which for some reason made me ill. Maybe one goes through phases of loving a colour….for now, oranges definitely rule.
  • Elasticated pants: When I wore maternity pants during pregnancy I could not help admire how comfortable they were. I wore them well after my delivery, but stopped once I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, my love for elasticated waists stayed. So even now, I buy pants and skirts with elastics. It is hard finding trendy things with elastics but when I do see something I always go for it. Elastics are such a time saver too .Who wants to fiddle with buttons that can snap, zips that get stuck and drawstrings that get knotty?
  • Leggings: This is one item I have started wearing in recent years. It is so versatile because I can wear different lengths of leggings; ankle length, calf length, bit shorter, in all colours and they go with all sorts of kurtis, kameezes, tunics or even shorter shift dresses. They make my legs look thinner and long, as long as I wear something loose and longish as the top. I need some metallic gold and silver ones to add to the collection.
  • Low maintenance clothes: Another time saver is clothes that are wash and wear. So many of my clothes are made of material that needs very little ironing or are simply drip dry. In fact I look for clothes that need very little fuss because as a busy mother I have no patience or time to iron.
  • Wrap dresses: This is a new discovery. Dresses that wrap around the waist, across the body and tie into a knot at the side are my hot favourite. These hold in all the little bulges and make the body look shapely. They are loose around the tummy and can camouflage the flab with the folds of fabric. I find  more than a few tumbling out of my closet.
  • Satchel bags: Like most women, I need my hands free to multitask. So cross body bags like satchels which have a thick strap and multiple pockets to store all sorts of paraphernalia from my phone, keys, hand wipes for my child, a snack or two, bus pass, money purse, sunglasses and so on are my bags of choice. I love to look for wipeable material so I can wipe clean or even better, to wash and dry my bags so they are always clean. They say a handbag is a big carrier of germs and I believe in keeping mine clean.
  • Sunglasses: I love sunglasses. the bigger the better. They cover most of my face, so a great protector against sun damage to the face, they cover my eyes if I haven’t had a good night’s sleep or haven’t plucked my eyebrows and they act as a funky hairband when I don’t need them.
  • Non Branded: I am anti brands. I hate items with monograms, initials or names which declare the price tag of the item. As long as a watch tells the right time, I am fine with it. Yes, I do select something unusual looking or fashionable if I can, but not at an exorbitant price. Same with sunglasses, as long was they have the UV light protection film and are big enough, I buy them. Again I try to buy unusual stuff, but never ones with a logo that screams out to attract attention.Good quality, yes, but not ‘branded’ as such. I still get asked where I got them from and believe me it such a pleasure disclosing the price and the ‘non-brand’ to people.
  • Indian prints: Of late, I have started collecting a lot of Indian prints in scarves and skirts that can team up with western wear. So I have a Phulkari dupatta that I will wear as a stole or wrap with anything western. Or my nice, long cotton skirt that has gold ‘buttis’ which I wear with a plain T-shirt. Plenty of Lucknowi Chickan work kurtis grace my cupboard too.Oh yes, the scarves are a great sun protector and anti dust mechanism too.
  • No blacks, no whites: Plain black and plain white wash me out and I look tired in these colours. But funnily enough a black and white combination looks great. Or black with my beloved orange is fine!
  • Maxi dresses: Another recent find, I love wearing these as they are trendy, flatter my figure and are very comfortable.Besides I love the retro look.
  • Indo-western wear: I love these as they can be worn anywhere. i love showcasing Indian fabrics, Indian embroidery with pride and they are often a conversation piece with non-Indian friends of mine.

That’s It! It’s not rocket science. I love wearing what keeps me happy. In disclosing my style secrets I have  revealed what makes me happy. To me, clothes should be a second skin and must always make me feel comfortable in my own skin. That to me is STYLE.


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