These days we talk of news, photos, videos, articles going VIRAL.

In our childhood, we had things going VIRAL too. Yes, and I am talking of a childhood that was a long time ago. Believe it or not things were contagious, things got passed on and before you knew it everyone was infected with the VIRUS. I’m not talking of a the chicken pox virus which by the way also became viral – once you got it, the whole neighbourhood kids had it.

Anyway, here are some things that went VIRAL in our childhood.

  • Yeh Jo hai Zindagi dialogues: yes, every Friday , YJHZ was aired and whatever Satish Shah said in that episode, became a hit. One time it was a catchy tongue twister or at other times a funny word. Who can forget ‘Ah ha ha … What a relief!!”…..which went viral on Monday morning at school!
  • Reading Amar Chitra Kathas: In that era, we loved reading ACK. There were only 200 titles and as each one got added on we pounced on it when it got released. We children were so desperate to read ACKs….this reading habit went absolutely viral.
  • Collecting the insides of bottle lids which had jungle book characters……it was to meant to be collected so that one could win something.Was it a cycle or a subscription to a popular comic ? i cannot remember but we just went crazy trying to get our hands on this viral craze.
  • Collecting the aluminium foils inside Bournvita bottles: yes most kids at that time had this with milk and we collected the foils so that they added up to get the Bournvita quiz contest books. This went viral in our kids group and had us drinking milk more enthusiastically.
  • Madan Baan in  the serial  ‘Ados Pados’ went  ‘YOU WHOOOO?’ on the phone  and the next day everyone in our locality went absolutely bonkers saying ‘ WHO YOUUUUUUUUUU”? …..cant think of anything more viral than that!
  • A long time ago a snack called BIG BITE came on the scene. It was soooo good…….it became seriously viral but sadly disappeared just as quickly.
  • FRANKIE……oooo another  viral item which has sadly lost it’s potency but hopefully will become ‘viral’ again.
  • Anil kapoor’s hairstyle : In the 80s, all the guys starting wearing their hair just like AK, a big puff at the from and long at the back. Just have to pull out old photos and everyone looks the same. AK hairstyle, high waisted jeans, those huge , bulky sneakers…….that was high fashion that went viral in the 80s.
  • Power dressing: the shoulder pads in dresses, the huge puffs on the shoulders in salwar kameezes, those big, humungous  bows on the ponytails, ‘ASHIQUI RIBBON’ inspired from Ashiqui the film[ first part of course!] …..just went viral.
  • Maggi noodles [ Masala flavour] went viral and still going great……..needs no introduction!
  • Diana Cut: yes, hairstyle inspired by the late Lady Di was the rage in those and it went viral. All you had to tell the hairdresser was ‘Diana cut chahiye…!!’

I am sure i will remember more stuff that really went viral. We didn’t have phones or computers. Just a TV for some hours and  things just went viral by word of mouth. There was different charm to those viral items. No internet can compensate for it. : (


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