picstitchMasked men and women in white, working furtively, furiously, patiently at a table………..not an operating table, but one rolling out the most luscious, delicate outer covering of a delicacy in South Asia….dumplings.

The precision and artistry was just a treat to watch through the glass panel of the kitchen where these food surgeons operate. First rolling out the dough balls into a flat round . Note the contraption that looks like a ‘belan’ / rolling pin. Next it is stuffed  with a savoury meaty or vegetable or tofu[ bean curd] filling. Finally the most painstakingly delicate process of crimping it into the pattern that makes a dumpling[ very much like the ‘kalis’ on our very own Indian delicacy Modak].

The proof of the dumpling is in the eating: Verdict 10/10 : )



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