Forcing writings down the throat of my Facebook friends?

photoHmmmmm….I don’t normally begin a post this way. I am usually sure of myself before I begin to write or at least I think I am.

But today I am asking myself….why am I torturing my Facebook friends to read my writings? I just normally post every single[ probably not this one!] piece of writing on Facebook; a space where all my childhood friends, college ones, ones I’ve never met, ones who are my friends only on Facebook but ignore me in real life and of course my GENUINE friends are subjected to post after post from me.

While my genuine friends read enthusiastically and ‘like’, comment and encourage in more measure than I deserve, it’s the other friends I am worried about. Do I continue inflicting my opinions, my observations and my whimsical ideas on my ‘friends’ who may not like this intrusion into their mental space.

I mean I do patiently go through their narcissistic photos, yawn- eliciting  quotes and cringe worthy videos myself. Yes, i’ve hidden one person from my timeline when it just got out of control . But mostly I do try to be non-judgemental and see it all as entertainment on my FB newsfeed. But am I boring my friends to death and  are they just being polite and continuing to ‘like’ the stuff that I churn out day after day?

Wonder if anyone just got so annoyed that they hid have hidden me and my writings from their timeline?

Sigh! that is the life of a blogger. You write, you want people to read and of course, you want people to ‘like’ especially your friends. It’s human tendency after all.

So the dilemma is do i have a separate Facebook account for purely my writings or do i continue to torture my existing friends on my personal Facebook pages?


2 thoughts on “Forcing writings down the throat of my Facebook friends?

  1. Completely agree with you. Most of the bloggers go through this, but I think it’s your facebook and you have complete freedom to post what you like to share on your wall. It’s up to others how they take it 😉


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