photoI spotted this creature in the grass this morning. Had I not been very slow it would have either jumped out of it’s skin and crawled into it’s shell or simply been trampled underfoot. Thank goodness I was slow.

Sometimes it is a boon to be slow. To slow down.

To take in the wonders of life , like this little snail, going through life at his or her own pace- snails’ pace!

In this fast paced world, a few minutes of calm before the day begins or even the middle of the day or the very end, give one that peace and quiet to just take in LIFE and it’s little treasures.

Treasures that are all around us, sights that we pass everyday, things that are around us. No sight seeing can give one the pleasure that comes with slowing down just a little, going with the flow and giving onesself the chance to just breathe and exist.

photoLike another creature I saw this morning, this sweet turtle. Flapping away, coming out to breathe, going into the water and frolicking to his heart’s content, without a care in the world.It had no agenda for the day except swimming , eating and having fun. No housework, no paperwork…….nothing!

It pays to be slow. Just have a look at all the slow creatures around and slow down.

Go slow, go with flow…………..feel your inner self glow….: )


2 thoughts on “GO SLOW, GO WITH THE FLOW

  1. Lovely post and so true. Sometimes going slow makes you look at things in different light altogether. And going slow is not always about ignoring or not attaching enough importance. Totally agree with you!


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