The pleasures of ‘ME’ time :Eating in solitude:

picstitchSome times, just sometimes, it’s nice to be alone. Yes, completely on my own for a few minutes, doing what I love doing without anyone hurrying me. Eating out alone was never my cup of tea. I hated sitting alone and eating somewhere, having no one to talk to , just vacantly staring into space, avoiding looking at people and just gobbling the food down. I did it out of necessity, not out of choice. Are people staring? Are people judging me for being on my own? Fiddling around with my phone or pretending to be reading a book were ways to look busy. To avoid the imaginary stares from people. Then recently I discovered the joy of sometimes just eating alone- out of choice. Sometimes, instead of waiting for someone to accompany you, it’s so much nicer to enjoy your own company for a change- without the smartphone for moral support. Just do what you would do with a friend. Order, relax, sit down, wait for your order, look at interesting people in a detached way, look at the restaurant staff, look through into the open kitchen if there is one, watch them make coffee; just watch the world go by…..then sip on your tea/coffee, slowly, leisurely without rushing. Dive into your food, eat every morsel with relish, tell yourself you should do this more often……..ME time is something we all deserve. photo Without guilt, without feeling bad…..just indulge for a short time ….to recharge your batteries so that you can spend the rest of the day with others.So that you can do what you do for your loved ones, without anger, without irritation, without resentment and without feeling tired, mentally and physically.


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