What goes into the glass of happiness ?

COCA COLA of course:

C is for COMPANY: To be surrounded by close family and dear friends, watching everyone enjoy themselves and have a good time is a sure shot formula to happiness.

is for OPTIMISM: Looking at the bright side of things, trying to see the good in people, forgiving, forgetting and knowing there is always light at the end of the tunnel. A POSITIVE outlook makes your glass of happiness always looks half full, never half empty!

C is for COUNTING BLESSINGS: Every single thing, right from being able to breathe in and take in life around is guaranteed to make me one happy. In a queue always look at the ones behind you and not in front of you……yes, count your blessings….not taking anything for granted and being thankful is a skill that needs acquiring ……to be happy.

A is for ACCEPTANCE: of oneself, one’s situation, people around……may be a hard truth to swallow, but once done clears the way to enjoying happiness.

C is for COMEDY : Watching a funny film, like Charlie Chaplin or a film like ‘JAANE BHI DO YAARO’ or a rolling-on-the-floor laughter evoking cartoon, is just the right medicine to create happiness

O is for OFFLOAD your worries, OPEN UP, OWN UP feel light by getting rid of emotional baggage…..to ride on the wave of happiness.

L is for LOVE: The love of loved ones is one ingredient that makes up the recipe for happiness. Sharing, caring and loving  combine to make up a joyful cocktail.

A is for ACTIVITY: Dancing, exercising, sports, gardening ….anything to get the blood coursing through the body, releasing the ‘happy hormones’, awakening it and shaking off the dullness of mind and body is a great way to happiness.

DRINKING TO HAPPINESS  is taking a few sips of fizz, tiny slurps of foam, a glug of tingly bubbles of COCA COLA……….



Chill out and drink in this video



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