Written for Indiblogger, Indispire #58


I will try to see the BALTI half full instead of half empty….before I kick it…..I promise

Here is what I intend doing:

  • Since I’m alive and kicking right now, I am going to grab every opportunity to have fun, even if it means getting fat,making a fool of myself and being imperfect.
  • Visit New York[ don’t know where that came from??]
  • Live by the sea, near the beach, walk on the sand at every sunrise and sunset
  • Visit Nepal and Northeast of India  because I’ve heard so much about them.
  • Try my hand at fiction writing

Gosh this is so hard……..

  • Attend one destination wedding[ haha……now all the real aspirations are coming out]
  • Go to a disco[ yup , never done that yet!]
  • Buy and wear a ball gown[ omg where is all this coming from???]
  • Eat oysters…..hope I don’t kick the bucket after doing this!
  • On a serious note, I would like to volunteer at a medical camp in India and do some good before I die.

Alright time to wind up. Writing a balti list is a revelation in itself….for others and to me.

Who knew I wanted to do all this before dying?

I think everyone should write a bucket list…….


10 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN THE ‘BALTI’?

  1. Wonderful!
    Gosh! We both have similar tastes & wishes 🙂
    And even I haven’t been to a disco & would love to wear a ball gown 🙂
    Best wishes 🙂


    1. Aww that is really nice. The day we fulfil our wishes we must write about it. In fact, now that we have expressed it, let us work on it, shall we? have a nice weekend Anita : )


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