A PERMANENT SMILE……….By Atithi[a guest blog]

Have you come across a person whose expression is a permanent smile no matter what his mood may be!

Born with facial lines and lips that stay curled into a perpetual smile, these persons can be very difficult to deal with as they are most deceptive! When you first meet them you think of them as people, friendly and full of wit- they are anything but that!

When you interact with these specimens you find out, generally the hard way that the smile pasted on their faces is a permanent smile and inside, their mood could be anything but happy! It is most disconcerting as one of my classmates was to find out.

We had an instructor with a permanent smile. This colleague given to breaking into giggles at the smallest thing saw PS for the first time and returned. The instructor did not take this kindly and thundered” What is so funny”? That was delivered with a smile. My nonplussed classmate broke into a big laugh that nearly gave the instructor a coronary as he stormed out of the class. We had to explain the PS phenomenon to the floored classmate so that he would not take the PS so lightly. Later even this instructor was to crack the rare joke we were afraid to laugh .

PS is a rare breed: when they are in earnest and dead serious they are smiling and if you do not know that, there are some PSs in the world you could very quickly and easily get on their wrong side and into their black book.


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