If your life had a background score, which songs and music will be in it? Indispire topic from Indiblogger

Some songs fill your life with joy and hope, some are reminders of a memorable moments and then there are some songs which are just needed to inject that oomph into your life- songs that make you alive and that you can hear day in and day out without getting bored.
I have to share the song of my life. A song that makes me wake up like a strong cup of coffee and that recharges me like nothing else can.
Yes, some songs have that power, some voices have that effect, some words have that magic.
The song is


YES,every karaoke fan’s dream song, tops my list. Gloria Gaynor crooning ‘I WILL SURVIVE’ cannot fail to make me take charge of my life and smile. Just hearing her enthusiastically belt out those words is enough inspiration to get up and get going.To get tough and carry on. It’s another story that the rest of the words are irrelevant to me, but just ‘I will survive’ in that strong husky voice is enough for any woman to want to grab life by its horns and surge ahead.

I played this song in my car for so many years. I don’t think I even bothered hearing any of  the other songs in the album. Just ‘I will survive’ until I knew the lyrics by heart. The song is about a woman coping with heartbreak……so not really a song that one wants to hear all year round. But the 3 magic words ‘ I will survive’ are so inspirational and the manner in which Gloria says it with so much conviction, you would think she is saying it for you.

So whether it’s just a regular hectic day of every day life, a ‘bad hair day’ or just a time in life when you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, this song is sure to make you come alive.


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