Can you spare 2 minutes for this poet?………..

‘2-minute‘ noodles used to be my favourite snack

And I will be petrified if it makes a come-back.

2-minute doodles during a boring lecture,

Dots, squiggles and swirls make  a lovely picture.

A 2-minutes  nap in the middle of the day,

Stops me being grumpy and keeps the yawns at bay.

A 2-minutes tea-break lasts for 20 minutes..WHY?

Well, you ordered samosas to go with your chai!

 2-minutes brushing will keep your teeth clean

but make sure you don’t eat that sugar in-between .

Thank you for reading this 2-minutes offering

It may seem silly and hope you are not snoring.

I’ve spent more than 2-minutes of my precious morning,

When I should do work like the washing and ironing.

I’ve realized 2-minutes is 120 seconds and more,

And writing is much nicer than any household chore.

But a 2-minutes warning is what I should give,

Next time I write something not-so-impressive.

Before I let you go, 2-minutes of silence is due,

For the poet in me who took on more than she could chew.

Oh! before you escape my writing space,

Spare 2-minutes to comment or at least leave a smiley face…:)

Written for Indiblogger, Indispire [ 2 minute poem]


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