Things, big and small that I love about Singapore


This is just one of the many small and big things I love and miss about Singapore.

The nomadic me has left SG and do I miss my laksa or what!!! By the way the above picture of Mee Siam, is one of the big things I miss about Singapore. Food and drink- no place on this planet compares to the sheer variety and mind boggling tastes- spicy, hot, sour, sweet all in one- that the melting post of Singapore has to offer. I love to eat and it’s like a big chunk of my existence has now gone bland. Until I get my fix of Singaporean or  Malaysian food, I am going to drool over all these food pictures.

photoNow, no picture is going to capture the fragrance of these flowers. Frangipani flowers strewn all over the pavement exuding their heady, intoxicating perfume early in the morning and starting my day on a refreshing note- how I miss them. I used to collect a few in the morning and keep them around the house; Bliss!

Water bodies everywhere….. swimming pools, ponds, lakes, artificial waterfalls, streams, even a recreation of the waters of Venice[ much cleaner and better]…. Singapore has water around and within it. tap water is potable,so that is great. just watching at water is so relaxing………

Will keep adding to the list as I remember.


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