It’s world women’s day today and it’s time to celebrate the women in my own world.

Not high-achievers, headline-grabbers and celebrities, but real women.

Women who are the unsung heroines that  have made me who I am.

My Mother: For bringing me to this world and being the most selfless, sacrificing person ever.

My sister: For being my true companion,my partner in crime, my best friend, my 2 am friend, my agony aunt.

My grandmothers: For being the genetic pool from which I derive strengths [ and weaknesses] that I had no idea about.

My female cousins: For being my source of worldly knowledge, from the birds and the bees… to food to  celeb fashion to just random yakkity-yak.

My female teachers: The ones who thought I could be something in life as well the ones who thought I was rubbish. Thank you for challenging me and bringing out my potential. The ones who bullied, tormented me and tried to pull me down- thank you as well, because you showed me  what the real world is like and it only made me more determined to prove you wrong.

My friends: For making me laugh and laughing with me. For celebrating life with me. For hearing me out even when I made no sense. For being there for me even when you are thousands of miles away- you know who you are 🙂

My female bosses: For believing in me and guiding me, holding my hand and pushing me when needed. Also, thanks to the one who didn’t believe in me- it only made me work harder until you were compelled to eat your words.

My mother-in-law: For showing me that a ‘Saas’ can be a friend too.

My daughter: For unconditionally loving an imperfect parent such as me.


Why celebrate these women only once a year when they light up your life every single day?






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