Cracked Cups: broken not shattered


Don’t we all just love the sickeningly sweet mugs that have super exaggerated  titles like : World’s greatest wife or Hot babe or Number one cook or Wonder woman or whatever?

Cups and mugs that are not for drinking mere beverages but meant as  trophies for the perfect woman.

The woman who can cook, clean, multitask, love, produce kids, work outside the house, look good all to perfection. Does such a woman exist? Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. Who knows? Perhaps, perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder…….enough to want to gift her a trophy that proclaims her number one status.


Well, I am certainly not one of those perfect woman as in all my years I have yet to be given a mug/cup/tumbler which declares me as a perfect being. Thank goodness for that.

Imagine waking up every morning to a message that implores me to live up to an ideal I can never be.The stress of trying to be this ‘best in the the world’ would be too much to handle.

So I have decided to invent some mugs/cups/ trophies for those among us, including myself who are in need of some cheer.Why do those teacup manufacturers wherever they are, in China or Muradabad, not make crockery for lesser mortals who fall short of the high standards, of being 100%, of being the ‘bestest’.

Why not have crockery that is defective but still proud of being so?

What is wrong in drinking from a cracked, chipped, stained, half-eared cup?

So here is raising a cup to all those less than perfect humans out there who need a trophy or two to honour themselves, the way they are…………………….





photo copy 4


photo copy 2.JPG
WORLD’S WORST COOK :)…….We can’t  all be the best can we?




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