A vote of thanks to all those who made this A-Z possible

A-to-Z Reflection [2015] - Lg

Big Chunk of this Daily writing task has been the  Excitement and  Fun that Goes with all the Hits my blog got in this one month. The Interesting and Inspiring comments Just made me Keenly Look forward to writing More. Not Only  Penning Quantity but Really Striving to Take the Umpteen Voices in my head to Where they  eXcitedly  Yack away and no one will  Zap them away.

Okay now I am truly done with this A-Z challenge and I think that a vote of thanks is in order.

When I signed up for this A-Z , which is my first one, I just wondered why I was even  doing it. But right from my first post i have been getting the most amazing visitors to my blog who have read, appreciated, encouraged my writing. At several steps along the way i’ve just wanted to stop this and give up. But I’ve got up in the morning to find that a stranger from across the world has left  simply beautiful and kind words of appreciation and so for that one person I’ve made an effort to write just one more post. Then the next morning, I’ve had another beautiful stranger leaving yet another inspiring comment and that has just motivated and goaded me to write another post and so on. Of course, that I’ve been thoroughly flattered and blushed all day is another matter….yes, it has brought on a broad smile and given a great start to an otherwise routine day.

A few strange facts: I wrote some of the posts in a hotel room in Malaysia[ my first solo trip abroad, an adventure….where the A-Z writing kept me sane in an otherwise scary situation].

I’ve written some posts on my phone, squinting away, jabbing away at a mini keyboard. So, I can truly thank A-Z for my new spectacles and my arthritic fingers.

After I wrote J for ‘Jobless wife syndrome’ ….a lot of my friends and relatives felt really sad for me…you know jobless and all that. But guess what…2 days after that post, I was offered a job and I have now started working. So you can be sure I will be happy to wrap up this continuous blogging to get some real work done! For all those people who have visited my blog and left the most lavish words of praise, I say a big THANK YOU.

  • Vivek Dwivedi from closetomyheart : take a bow. You have followed me from start to finish and I cannot thank you enough for ‘liking’ every one of my posts 🙂
  • Anj from cuteteddybears21, Thank you for reading every one of my posts and your sweet comments 🙂
  • Shilpa from Shilarya: thank you so much for all your gracious comments and likes. They really made my day and I’m sure we will keep in touch.:)
  • The friendly blogger from Simblybored: I have really enjoyed your feedback, your generous comments and all the friendly banter we have had….I think we have made friends 🙂
  • Parul from happinessandfood: Thank you, Parul. We follow each others’ writing and it has been really encouraging not to mention motivating to have you come over to read my A-Z. Thanks for letting me pinch your ‘S’
  • Salvwi from poeticbug.com : a fellow NRI whose comments I have eagerly waited after every post. Salvwi, thank you so much for all your lovely comments and I am so happy that you could relate to what I wrote because you are going through the NRI experience almost 2 decades after mine started!!! It’s been nice to have you visit and hope we can stay in touch.
  • Shantala from Shanayatales : Yet another fellow NRi whose comments I looked forward to. Shantala, thank you for your really  encouraging words and I think I wrote a lot of my posts keeping people like yourself in mind…I think subconsciously I was writing for you as much as I was writing for myself.
  • Amaryllis from Opinionatedwoman’smusings: 🙂 🙂 what can I say? You have been such a delightful person to know. You have visited my blog and left the most interesting and beautiful comments, even sharing some of your lovely videos and it has made my day interacting with you and reading all that you had to say. thank you.
  • Hilary from positive letters: Hilary, I have throughly enjoyed every comment you have painstakingly written for so many of my posts. In fact it became a habit to check if you left a comment or not. While writing some posts, I actually wondered what you would think if I wrote certain things!!!!! So thank you for making this A-Z so interesting for me. We bloggers thrive on comments and yours made me positively flourish.:)
  • David King : thank you for your most generous comment which left me feeling great 🙂
  • Ankita from Lifestyleproblog: thanks for your support 🙂
  • So many other bloggers have left words that have left me stunned and a big thank you to all of you[ you know who you are 🙂
  • If I’ve forgotten someone you can be sure I will be back to add your name here 🙂 and if i ever figure how to insert those links to your blogs.

Last but not the least, I must take a break from all this writing [ or so I say] and give my brain a rest. So you won’t be hearing from me for a while….On second thoughts, you may just find me back  here hungry to read the comments 🙂 🙂