FALOODA in Singapore

T&T-chendol-mubarak-aliApril fool! ………no, this is not Falooda.

It looks so much like our our very own sweet, heavy duty, calorie laden drink Falooda.

I saw this at a soya drink stall in Singapore and asked the lady to give me the ‘green drink’ shown on the menu.

Oh! ‘Chendol’ ? Yes, I said. if that is what it’s called.

When the huge chilled glass was handed I knew I had ordered a Falooda in disguise.

Right from the glassy noodles which are just like our vermicelli, to the sugary sweet, milky taste it reminded me of Falooda in India.

The difference is the noodles are green, there are beans submerged deep into the milky concoction[ i know sounds a bit strange, but tastes delicious and is so good for health, being protein], there is some kind of brown sugar heaped on top of it [ not sure if it’s gula melaka which is like our very own jaggery] and because it’s all so thick, a wide bore straw is needed to slurp away. Oh  and there are those delectable sago pearls floating about in the drink, which need slurping too. How many calories a glass contains is anybody’s guess.

I am not one to dissect my food or go into great details about the exact ingredients.

I am just happy to discover a Falooda of a different kind away from home.

So next time, I shall be confidently asking the ‘Auntie’ for a glass of Chendol.

Pic credit:hungrygowhere.com    …….I was too busy drinking to take pictures!