This is the fish pond I gazed at this morning. Serene, calm yet lively full of activity. The perfect start to a morning before the madness of the day begins. The green pond with its orange , golden, blue and white, silver fishes[ KOI fishes] was the perfect retreat where no thoughts could pervade my mind. All I could think of was how lucky these fish were to be just FISH. They ate, drank, swam, occasionally splashed around playfully, one nudged a little turtle cheekily and that’s it.

These species of  fish have a short life,but obviously don’t know it. They live life to the fullest. Here we are- humans gifted with a brain ….thinking , thinking and thinking…..about ourselves, children, jobs, food , clothes, being too fat or too thin, who said what, who is going to think what, what to do next month, next year!!….

But  these little, peaceful creatures are so at peace with themselves, just happy to be alive and kicking. Just happy to exist. All because they are not not blessed with a brain like the human brain.

Taking in their presence was like meditation for my mind. The way they moved, opened and shut their mouths, wagged their little fins in happiness and made all kinds of formations in the water…..I think I almost saw one smile! : )

wish I was a fish for a day. Not a mermaid, because that would still be half human.

just a fish in that pond………

Hmm, I think I’m going there everyday