Written for Indispire, Indiblogger
“If I can dream it, I can do it”- Do you follow this Walt Disney saying in your life? #Life

I must share a recurrent dream that I’ve had over the years.
First I must confess I am hydrophobic-I am petrified of water… know scared of drowning and so on.
But there is something so serene about water bodies that every time I see a lake or even just a shallow baby pool it makes me want to jump into it and float in the water.
So what is someone like me to do? Dream of course!
Over the years, I have had the same sort of dream- to able to swim……
How easy it looks when other people do it- just float, let the water hold you and relax.

Yes, but in reality it was different for me.
Every time I had a swimming lesson, I choked, spluttered, coughed, gagged, panicked, screamed and generally did not manage to get anywhere.
My dreams got wilder- I was swimming away in imaginary pools, flapping my arms away and enjoying myself in my dreamy water world. In some dreams, there was NO water in the pool and I was still floating and flapping away.
The dream refused to go away.
If anything the dream just became weirder and more ambitious- Me in the deep end, Me with my face out of the water, me flying about in an empty pool…….
In real life, I pursued my dream. Several swimming instructors later, several years later, conquering my fears and
willing myself to follow my dream ……I finally learnt to swim at the ripe age of 40 plus.
It’s harder to learn swimming as an adult, but I had a dream and I wasn’t going to give up.

I can’t say I’m a water nymph but I can swim. Some days I still have panic attacks and need moral support of a friend in the pool. But some days I just live my dream and swish through the water, across the soothing ripples, the cooling water against my tense muscles as I feel the relaxation set in.
It’s never too late to dream.
It’s never too late to fulfil your dream
However long it takes, whatever it takes……..just don’t kill the dream……..execute it!