9 Reasons I WRITE [although I may not always be right.]

I often ask myself why I write. In fact why do I feel the almost compulsive urge to write? Why do I have the obsessive desire to express myself, to communicate, to reach out………..?

Here are the reasons I WRITE:

  • No one has the time to listen anymore: Yes, we all have hectic lifestyles where we greet each other’ GM’ or ‘GN’. When we should be erupting into full throttle laugher, all we can feebly manage is a LOL. With a bit more enthusiasm we manage a ROTFL……but are we really rolling on the floor laughing ? I doubt it. So, the gist of these abbreviations is that we are losing the skill of conversation, the power of debate and most importantly the fine  art of LISTENING. No one wants to listen anymore. A few sentences into conversation and you can see their eyes glazing over, the facial muscles tensing, the hands whipping out the mobile phone to check mindless jokes and forwards……….That is why I write. So that I can put all my thoughts into words, proper words, spelt fully, thoughts clearly articulated, ideas completely expressed.
  • Someone, somewhere will read: That is the beauty of the written word. Someone somewhere will read what I’ve written. So what if it a faceless, nameless person in a country I will probably never travel to. I know that a human somewhere on the surface of this planet made an effort to actually read what I have painstakingly written.
  • To entertain, to help: If I can make even one person smile, one person see the funny side of things it has made my day. If my writing makes even one person see things differently, makes them feel they are not alone dealing with something in their lives, then I know I’ve not written in vain. If my words make one person rethink about something that is not quite right, I know I have not just written…..I have made a real difference. If my writing can help even one person cope better, if writing of my life’s experiences can enrich another’s life………then my mission is accomplished.
  • A catharsis: Yes writing helps to expurge all the thoughts that invade my mental space from time to time. The catharsis helps me to off load my thoughts so I can think clearly, get a better perspective. Rereading my own writing makes me see things differently .Every time I write, it’s a load off my mind. Writing is my own personal psychiatrist and agony aunt rolled into one.
  • Expressing my Point of View: Regardless of whether I am right or completely wrong, writing helps me put out my point of view….what I think. I can express without someone trying to cut me off or interrupt me. I can peacefully let the thoughts flow. Thoughts and feelings that I am surprised I harbour in my mind, ideas that were hiding at the back of my mind, little niggling nuggets of information stored in the recesses of my memory come tumbling out. I am surprised that i am opinionated. My writing has helped me reach deep into my brain and pull out stuff that is so interesting…..it just makes me explore and write more.
  • Learning new words everyday :English is not my mother tongue language, yet I use it to communicate. I grew up studying English in convent schools which have their own brand of ‘convent English’. So, a yes becomes ‘ YA YA’. A no is  ‘No YA”! A lot of ‘Ya’s dotted our regular everyday conversations. I cannot possibly write like that or else I would be misunderstood. So writing has helped me get back to basics, polish my English skills, learn new words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms…….a  new discovery everyday.
  • Writing to Share: Ideas no matter how small, thoughts no matter how insignificant, advice however limited, it is great to share. You never know how what you share will change another person’s life. I am no expert life coach, but we all have unique life experiences, just from being alive. No matter how boring we think we are, there is always something to GIVE. Giving and sharing is the reason why I write.
  • The pen is mightier than the sword: Instead of taking up cudgels with people, issues and myself, it’s so much easier and liberating, putting it all down in words. Writing helps me forgive and let go. Writing gives vent to all the hurt, anger, angst, negativity that would otherwise translate into unpleasantness in real life. Writing helps me share. Above all writing is powerful. It gets my thoughts out there, across the globe, past barriers, over oceans, past people in just seconds. I cannot think of anything more exciting than that. I don’t need a sword to fight battles. A pen is enough. Actually a keyboard is enough!
  • My personal imprint: Life is too short. I want to leave my own personal imprint in this world. Something that will remain for a long time….so my great great grandchildren can read and enjoy my stories. Something they can  get entertained from and learn from. More than just a being a face in a picture frame, I want them to have a little glimpse into my life.